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Technical Maintenance

Our technical maintenance services ensures that everything works well in the building and continues to work well without hitches. We coordinate and supervise all the technical services under our guidance along with providing preventive maintenance to make sure that all technical problems are kept at bay. We totally understand that, for your embassy and chancery building and infrastructure to operate smoothly, your technical installations need to be in shape.

Technical installations

To keep your technical installations functioning properly a complete knowledge of the field is needed. This is our biggest strength. Of course, you can also work with an external technical maintenance company for your embassy or chancery, but considering the fact that we have the needed resources and expertise in this, it needlessly increases your hassles and costs.

Even if you decide to work with another supplier or contractor, it is better that every aspect of your premises is supervised and controlled through a single contact point, in this case, through DCRM. We have an experienced team of technical managers and supervisors and we can manage both internal as well as external team of workers.

If you want to hire our technical services, we can take full care of:

  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation 
  • Electricity, including lamps, bulbs and other lighting equipment
  • Plumbing and faucets
  • Fire detection and alarm system (including security cameras)
  • General Security (safety glazing, panic-room)


  • Locks and access control, safety-doors and fencing
  • Elevators, automatic doors and gates
  • Roller shutters, sun blind systems and window shutters
  • Network and wireless Internet
  • UPS and emergency generators
  • Other appliances and equipment that run on electricity

The maintenance staff responsible for your technical installations is fully experienced and acquainted with all the standard installations in places like embassy and chancery buildings.

We hire certified technicians who are legally qualified for maintaining gas and heating installations, fire safety fittings, and elevators. Although we hire them, they always perform their tasks under our responsibility and supervision, in close cooperation with our technician assigned to your embassy buildings and properties.

Our complete technical maintenance package includes :

Emergency maintenance

  • For emergencies, we have our services are available 24 x 7.
  • You are given an emergency number through which you can always contact the property manager on duty.
  • This is a quick-fix solution – the immediate problem is taken care of and urgent repairs are done.
  • After the problem is taken care of or contained, the emergency technician gives a report of what was the problem and what quick fix was implemented.
  • He or she also recommends what type of full repair is needed.
  • It will be the responsibility of the chancellor to make sure that the permanent solutions are implemented according to the advice presented by a technician

Regular maintenance

  • This regular maintenance is carried out by a trained technician assigned to your project.
  • Random and accidental problems occurring in your installations are taken care of, for example replacing lamps and bulbs or unclogging the drainage system.
  • Small preventive tasks are performed by our maintenance staff, such as lubricating locks, servicing the water purifier and checking the electric wires
  • The maintenance also includes assessing probable damages and coming up with solutions.

Preventive maintenance plan (4 years)

  • Legally required maintenance activities are performed. Certified contractors are used for these maintenance activities.
  • You are appraised of the larger maintenance requirements and future repair works and preventive measures to be planned (according to the conclusions of the assessment).
  • All the functions and duties performed by subcontractors go through stringent quality control checks and balances, totally to your satisfaction.
  • All our management and price negotiation processes are undertaken according to the policies enclosed in your tender.
  • Consultation is regularly sought from the chancellery.