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Portfolio Management

We offer all-inclusive diplomatic and chancery premises and building management services. No need to deal with multiple service providers and multiple contractors. You have just one, single central point of contact for everything related to your embassy buildings, infrastructure and maintenance services.

Property Manager

Once you decide to partner with us, you get a dedicated Property Manager who takes care of your every need and also acts as the liaison between you and DCRM. We make sure that all your building complexes are functional and are maintained according to the standards an embassy like yours deserves and immediately take corrective measures in case there is a possibility of damage or an infrastructure-related exigency.

To make it easier for you to understand the dynamics of our service, we offer one standardised service package consisting of 3 parts:


Property Management

The level and degree of services rendered by us depend on the contractual agreement. We can take full care of your building/buildings or just certain aspects. Whether you want a full maintenance service or a partial maintenance service, the Property Manager assigned to you closely works with your own staff and security administrators.

We totally understand that being in a foreign country it might not be easy, or even feasible, for you to directly deal with local service providers. This is why, we take care * of the contracts, practical arrangements, appointments on premises, etc., with

  • The water company
  • The power company
  • The gas and petroleum company
  • Internet and telephone providers

* The service cost excludes the utilities consumption cost. You still have a direct contract with these companies, but we act as the technical contact.

The advantage of controlling everything from a centralized point gives you and our Property Manager complete control over the entire operation of keeping your premises up and running round the clock. This also enables us to present to you a complete overview of the total operational costs, and even, stick to those estimates throughout the period of the contract.

Through our long lasting and close association with contractors, subcontractors and maintenance workers, we not just get you better rates, but even make sure that you get the best possible service from our side. This is often not possible when you directly deal with local contractors and subcontractors.

The auditing of your embassy premises

To provide you qualified services it is very essential that the current state of your embassy and chancery premises are known to all the stakeholders. This helps us chart out a medium-term plan and also give you a preliminary assessment of the operational costs. Through this auditing and inspection, even unexpected and unforeseen incidents can be avoided.

The auditing is carried out in an expert manner. Every aspect of the discovery is well-documented. “State of discovery” and “state of the current infrastructure” are documented with photographs.

The documentation includes the current state of technical installations, plumbing, and doors and windows. To give you a complete picture, photographs of every section such as technical installations, sanitary installations, electrical fittings, doors and windows, furnishings and every other component that will come under the ambit of maintenance agreement. Nothing is left to imagination and assumption when we prepare our documentation. Every aspect is covered in the form of written information and visual representation. All this information is sorted according to each building or each section. Fire safety conditions and the condition of fireplaces are also included in the audit. All the fire safety conditions and recommendations are carried out in strict compliance with the regulations mandated by government rules and insurance companies.

Our audit report gives you an excellent overview of the current state of your property. This will also give you an idea of how much finance is to be arranged through your home country to spruce up the building according to the prestige of your country, and to keep it operational and up to the standard throughout the tenure.

Building plans and descriptions

To better understand your complex, additional information can be added to the audit document – the aforementioned “state of discovery”.

We can also provide you the complete plan and layout of the existing structure, the current situation, the different safety plans that have been installed, the statutory accessibility fixtures and accommodations, and pictograms to represent different sections.


We also prepare a complete inventory of the building, technical equipment furniture, machines, equipment, doors and windows, keys, evacuation exits, safety materials, pictograms and other necessary bits of information to give you a complete sense of the package and the contract we will be signing.