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Financial Property Management

Complete financial planning before initiating embassy and chancery management service.

Total Reporting and Financial Planning.

We understand that when we work with a prestigious embassy and chancellery like yours, financial planning is of utmost importance. Through detailed auditing and analysis, we prepare a comprehensive overview of the total cost so that there are no unexpected costs.

You get a very clear picture of the the total cost of ownership of the chancery premises. A clear view of the total operating costs * is often the stepping stone of offering our services to the diplomatic world.

When preparing the financial projections we take into account all the anticipated costs in the coming 4 years while maintaining the diplomatic real estate according to the high standards of the chancellery. We arrive at the budget and cost after a thorough investigation. Through our experience serving multiple embassies in Belgium, we have a fair idea of what all to look for while creating a financial projection.

Also, we are aware that it is very important for the outgoing chancellery to provide the new ambassador with all the budgetary details – what were the projections and how much actually needed to be spent. Maintaining the complex and building/repairing structures make up a very significant portion of the overall cost of running the embassy.

Our reporting and financial planning process also facilitates the following

  • Impeccable maintenance of the buildings.
  • Timely planning of innovative steps to keep problems at bay in the short-term and long-term.
  • Meeting of the expectations of the ambassador – the way he or she wants to keep the embassy premises.


  • Creating a pleasant and conducive work and residence.
  • Maintaining a symbiotic environment for the embassy staff.
  • Making it possible to keep the financial records in order and making it easier to get the required clearances for the foreseeable expenses from the home country.

* excluding operating and consumption costs.

Since we offer complete services relating to building management and the upkeep of your premises, we get a foolproof picture and consequently, we are better placed at creating a transparent financial overview.

We are also fully aware that you need to know the total cost of ownership of your diplomatic premises including the cost of maintaining, rebuilding and refurbishing according to the ethos of your home country so that you can submit the financial report further to the ministerial government in your home country.

Additionally, with real-world financial experience, we are better placed at keeping a sharp eye on the flow of your expenses and immediately detect when something is not right in your accounts or if your suppliers and contractors are indulging in some type of malpractice or overcharging you. This fact shouldn’t be underestimated because it can have a significant impact on your final costs and may even cause troubles when getting clearances from your home country. We are fully acquainted with the local legislations, the market rates and the labour laws of the host country.

Getting you good rates on the other hand, doesn’t mean we go for low quality products and materials and unskilled services. We have our own resources. We totally appreciate the value of quality. We understand that cheap products and services can prove to be very expensive eventually. A service like ours can get you top notch services and materials at best competitive rates. Otherwise, you may end up paying more for inferior quality products and services. This is a risk you don’t want to take.

Without going into the argument of expensive or cheap products and services, we seek value for money and investment. As professionals, we seek the best results for you. We understand that diplomatic representation is of utmost importance to you, and you wouldn’t like to compromise to save a few euros. Nonetheless, we deliver a complete financial plan to give you a sure footing in the very beginning of your term, and we stick to that plan so that you can hand over the financials to the new ambassador with pride and surety.