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Core values

Our core values at DCRM derive their strength and inspiration from the fundamental beliefs of any right-thinking person or organisation. Through a well-laid out process that has been ingrained into our working system, in terms of human resource management and IT-driven workflow, the guiding principles encapsulated within our core values help us understand the difference between right and wrong and keep us on the right path. We fulfill all our financial, growth and business goals within the parameters of these values.

Listed below are some aspects that help us better organise and execute our value system:



DCRM has a well-formulated and documented transparency policy when it comes to preparing financial reports for the benefit of the shareholders. This transparency is applicable across the board. Even when we have undertaken repair, construction and maintenance work for embassies and other businesses, we apply the same financial transparency standards. Everything is over the table. This helps our business partners and clients make solid financial plans, rest assured of no unpleasant surprises.


We provide full confidentiality to all our stakeholders, business partners and clients. We never share confidential details that we obtain from business partners, contractors, subcontractors and clients with third parties unless required by the law.

We further consolidate privacy protection by strictly adhering to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”). This data protection regulation ensures complete protection of privacy of all individuals living within European Union and the European Economic Area.




The working conditions of our workers and the safety of our clients is of paramount importance to us. We perform all our business activities with complete ethical processes. All our employees are fully insured against damages, accidents and health problems. Our employees also go through a stringent screening process to ensure the safety of our clients at the embassies.


At DCRM we fully understand our responsibility towards the environment and our ecology. This is why we leave no stone unturned to ensure that all our business operations leave a minimum carbon footprint on the environment. We also make sure that our maintenance, repair and construction work and other professional activities leave no harmful effect on humans and the surrounding ecosystems.