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Advantages of working with DCRM

Single point of contact:
We assign one, dedicated property manager to your embassy or chancery who acts as a “single point of contact”. He or she develops complete knowledge and specialisation of your building/buildings and knows your complex and its layout like the back of his or her hand.

Complete gamut of services:
No need to shuffle between different vendors. Our A to Z services ensure that everything is managed and controlled from a single point. This enables us to have a complete control over the goings-on and allocate resources and manpower efficiently across the property.

Specialisation in chancery and diplomatic buildings:
Our vertical experience in serving embassy and diplomatic buildings equip us with the ability to deliver our services according to the standards needed for your prestigious interiors and exteriors.


Full property view:
Since we have a complete mapping of your owned and rented properties, we are in a better position to supervise and monitor, and also implement efficient processes across all the complexes with precision and accuracy, bringing down costs considerably in the process.

Quality control:
All your buildings and real estate properties will be professionally managed by a company who is already responsible for managing multiple embassy and chancery buildings and properties. We will look after your properties like a “good family man”.

Clear procedures and work policy:
All our procedures and work policy segments are clearly laid out to make sure that all our dealings comply with the legal provisions of both the host country and the home country.