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Diplomatic Chancery & Residential Management

Trusted and dependable Chancery/Embassy Residence management services

Total turnkey solutions

Diplomatic Chancery & Residential Management provides total turnkey diplomatic and Chancery real estate management services to take full care of the building premises including upkeep, infrastructure, fittings and wear and tear. From very complex to very simple, we can take the worry of maintaining the grandeur of your embassy complex off your shoulders so that you can focus on improving relationships between the two countries.


One-vendor services

From materials to supervisors to contractors to suppliers to all kinds of repairmen, we arrange everything. DCRM takes care of all your embassy and chancery complex maintenance needs.

Always Operational

Never be rendered nonoperational due to wear and tear and other faults.

We take care of your existing and possible problems, keeping your premises running smoothly uninterrupted. 24×7 support.

High esteem

Your embassy represents the prestige and pride of your country.

Maintenance services totally sensitive towards your unique requirements, whether simple or complex.

Transparent budgeting

Every single cost will be accounted for. Weekly, monthly and yearly budgets will be presented and adhered to. 4-year, clearly defined budgeting – we stick to the budgeting precisely forecast in the initial estimate and submission.


Detailed reporting

You will be assigned your own Property Manager.

Once we start working for you, we will be available to you round the clock.

We understand that problems and emergencies don’t occur after giving a notice – they simply happen.

Embassy building


Ambassador Residence

Diplomatic staff housing

Fully trained staff, well-equipped to deal with the prestigious environment of the embassy and the chancellery.

  • Extensive experience handling embassy and chancery-related maintenance and construction jobs.
  • Complete access to local contractors and material suppliers.
  • Compliance with local labour laws.
  • Fully verified staff with multiple background checks.
  • Transparent budgeting with no financial surprises (unless there are no accidents and disasters).
  • Dedicated Property Manager.